CISNA/AdvancED School Accreditation Partnership Process

School accreditation provides a national protocol for schools committed to systemic, systematic, and sustainable continuous improvement. The school accreditation process invites schools to collaborate in reviewing the quality of the school and their contributions to teaching and learning. The process supports, enhances, and stimulates growth and improvement throughout the school. The intent of the partnership is to enable the external review to satisfy both CISNA and the AdvancED requirements.

This document is designed to outline the steps of CISNA and AdvancED Nonpublic Schools Accreditation Partnership process.



Step 1: Submit AdvancEd and CISNA Accreditation Applications


Step 2: CISNA Criteria and ASSIST Platform

  • Following the receipt of payment for both AdvancEd & CISNA membership fees and accreditation fees, the CISNA criteria will be available within the Adaptive System of School Improvement Support Tools (ASSIST). The Nonpublic Office will notify the school of the availability of CISNA content.


Step 3: CISNA School Accreditation Requirements

  • To successfully complete the CISNA school accreditation requirements all schools must complete the following:
  • CISNA Assurances
  • CISNA Diagnostics

Upon completing CISNA Assurances and Diagnostics reports, please forward all reports in the form of a pdf file to Ms. Sufia Azmat, CISNA Executive Director at for processing.


Step 4: CISNA Board Review

  • CISNA Board will send a representative who is trained in the partnership criteria and CISNA Assurances and Diagnostics with the AdvancEd External Review Team to ensure compliance; thereafter, CISNA Board will review and approve the report on CISNA assurances and diagnostics. Once approved, CISNA accreditation will be granted and the accreditation term will coincide with the AdvancED accreditation recognition. CISNA accreditation will be dually noted in the AdvancED Accreditation Management System.

CISNA Accreditation Application.pdf