Welcome to Our Services.

One of CISNA's goals is to provide services for Islamic schools that will assist them in delivering education of the highest quality by maintaining viability. To achieve this goal, CISNA seeks to serve as a clearinghouse that directs or connects the needs of the school to the most appropriated organization or agency. CISNA will also serve as an agent connecting schools to organizations and agencies that will offer financial and human resource assistance to newly formed and established schools.

School Accreditation

A substantial number of Muslim schools are accredited by mainstream regional or national accrediting agencies. CISNA encourages schools to meet the standards set by these agencies by supporting and assisting schools in the effort to become accredited. CISNA also recognizes the need to address the unique characteristics of Muslim schools; having said that, CISNA  has formed a partnership with AdvancED to development standards for accrediting Muslim schools base on the Islamic principles and values.



Accredited Members of CISNA

On October 6, 2011, Al Faith Academy was the first to complete the accreditation process and receive CISNA’s Accreditation.   Learn more about Al Faith Academy at www.alfaith.org

On April 3, 2012, College Preparatory School of America (CPSA) completed the process to become CISNA’s second accredited school.  Learn more about CPSA at www.cpsaonline.com

Networking of Schools

CISNA strives to create networking opportunities among educational institutions and agencies. Ultimately, CISNA's goal is to create an environment for Muslim schools to work together under one umbrella, share ideas and discuss educational issues.